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Is The Solid Wood Dining Table Good Or The Glass Dining Table?

There are many kinds of table materials commonly used in the market, such as solid wood, glass, steel, marble, jade and other large table types, so there are many kinds of dining tables. For our ordinary people, the most common ones are solid wood dining tables and glass dining tables. These two kinds of dining tables are affordable and practical, and many families prefer to choose these two. So in the end is a solid wood dining table or a glass dining table, let High-end Custom Cabinets Suppliers take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood dining table

1, advantages

1The furniture of solid wood material is more comfortable for consumers than the furniture of any other material. Especially for environmental protection, the safety of solid wood material is higher. Compared with some special countertops such as marble, solid wood The furniture has been used for a long time, and the color will become more charming with the length of time. Especially for the family with a large living room area, the dining table with solid wood material looks more graded.

2 And the texture of solid wood furniture is softer and more natural, it looks like a retro fashion sense, and will not be eliminated by modern fashion.


Although the solid wood dining table has these advantages, its shortcomings also exist. The wooden dining table lacks certain speciality, so in use, some protection methods are needed, so that it will not be scratched or water due to daily use. Stains. These will have an impact on the aesthetics of the solid wood table.

Glass dining table


1 tempered glass dining table is more bold and avant-garde than the traditional wooden dining table, and the function is more practical.

2 Tempered glass dining table will not be affected by indoor air, will not be deformed due to unsuitable humidity, occupy small space, safe and environmentally friendly, no pollution, no radiation.

3 tempered glass dining table is easy to clean, diverse in shape and unique in pattern, which can meet the needs of different consumers.

2, disadvantages

The tempered glass dining table may be in danger of self-explosion. The tempered glass table is hard and temperature-resistant. However, it is necessary to carefully select the qualified and high-strength tempered glass dining table to prevent the hot objects from causing the desktop to burst. Especially for families with children, try not to choose glass. dining table.

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