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Cabinet Installation Process

As the saying goes, three points are in quality and seven points are installed. The cabinet is the same, even if it is a very classic cabinet design, if the screw is not tightened or unevenly arranged during installation, it will affect the future use. It can be seen that the cabinet installation is a very important part of ensuring the life of the cabinet. High-end Custom Cabinets Suppliers to introduce to you, the cabinet installation process. When everyone is decorating the cabinet, I hope to help you:

First, the European Kitchen Cabinet installation process

1. Install the cabinet. After the kitchen water and electricity were laid, the cabinets entered. The first item must be our floor cabinet. Before installing the cabinet, we must measure the ground level to ensure the stability of the cabinet.

2. Wall cabinet installation. After the installation of the cabinet is completed, the cabinet can be installed. Like the floor cabinet, the wall cabinet also needs to be punched in the field, such as the hole position of the range hood. When installing the cabinet, in order to ensure the level of the expansion bolt, it is necessary to draw a horizontal line on the wall. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the horizontal line and the table is 650 mm, and the consumer can adjust according to the height of the body.

3. Install the countertop. The integrated countertop looks beautiful and is not easy to be exposed to the dirt. Therefore, the countertop is further measured and confirmed after the installation of the cabinet and the cabinet, so that it is easy to adjust the countertop error that occurs after the cabinet and the cabinet are installed. After the installation is completed, a water barrier is placed around the table top.

4. Hardware, cabinet door installation. Water basins, faucets and baskets can bring a lot of convenience to life, and it is also a very important part. When installing the cabinet door, different hinges can be installed according to the habits of the upper and lower cabinets. For example, the upper cabinet can be installed with gas support, and the lower cabinet can be equipped with drawer type slide rails. When installing the cabinet door, it is necessary to repeatedly adjust the door panel to ensure that the gap between the door panels is aligned with the height of the door panel.

5. Cooking appliances. Usually, the installation of cabinet appliances is to install the hood before reloading the stove; after the stove is installed because the countertop is the last one, the hood is installed first because some hoods are to be opened and fixed on the cabinet.

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