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What Are The Types Of Cabinet Door Panels?

Cabinets, for the modern family, are not only the use of kitchen products, but also play an important role in the decorative style of the kitchen. The door panel of the cabinet determines the overall style of the cabinet to a certain extent. A good door panel needs to be oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and scratch-resistant, and it can bring convenience and comfort to the family, making cooking a wonderful enjoyment. How many cabinet doors are there? How to choose a suitable cabinet door? Then please follow the OEM Kitchen Sets Supplier to understand the types of doors and their advantages and disadvantages.

First, molded door panel

The molded door panel is made of medium-density board, the surface can be boring and milling, and various shapes are molded, and then the surface is vacuum-pressed with a PVC film; the film is formed once, and the overall sealing property without seal is strong.

Advantages: The advantage of the molded door panel is that the overall performance is better, no edge sealing, and the appearance is beautiful and individual. The moisture-proof performance is also better, it can be used as a bathroom cabinet, and the color selection is relatively large, which can satisfy your pursuit of color.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of molded door panels is that they are not scratch resistant. Inferior PVC film will also fade. If the molding is not good, bubbles will be generated.

Second, painted door panels

The paint door panel is made of medium-density board, which is sanded and polished on the surface, then painted on the surface and baked in the baking room. The process of making the paint door panel: MDF-sand polishing-on the seal paint-baking-baked dry sanding grinding-first drying primer-drying the same process eight times, one time sealing paint, Primer twice, three coats, two varnishes.

Advantages: the advantages of painted door panels, no edge sealing, good overall feel, good waterproof performance (it is the best waterproofing material in all kitchen cabinet doors). The surface is smooth and easy to handle, it does not hide dirt, and the color selection is relatively large.

Disadvantages: The shortcoming of the paint door panel is that the surface is poor in scratch resistance and is not suitable for households with high frequency of use.

Third, Solid Wood Cabinet Door Panel

The frame of the solid wood door panel is solid wood, and the door core panel has two kinds, one is a solid wood board, and the other is a veneer on the medium density board, and then inserted into the frame.

Advantages: The advantages of solid wood door panels are rich in shape and true color. It is the first choice for classical decoration style, which can make the kitchen full of noble atmosphere.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of solid wood door panels is that the price is high, the process is difficult to control, and there are too few solid wood door panels on the market. Deformation cracking is the most prone problem of solid wood door panels.

Solid Wood Cabinet Door Panel

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